Village Hall Bookings


You can now book Fritwell Village Hall online. You must be aged 21 or over to book Fritwell Village Hall.

Please check the calendar below to ensure the date you want is available, complete the on line booking form and submit. This form will go to our Booking Officer electronically, who will then be in touch to confirm the booking (or otherwise) and arrange payment. Payment can be bank transfer, cheque or cash.

If you are not able to book online, booking request forms are available from Wrighton’s Shop, East Street, Fritwell, or from the download buttons below. Completed paper booking forms should be returned to Wrighton’s Shop. Just to confirm, it is only necessary to complete a paper form if you cannot book online using the boxes below.

Charges: First hour £10 followed by £7.50 for every hour after. Please remember to allow time for setup and take down. We now have free Wi-Fi for hall users.

Deposit: You will be required to provide a deposit in addition to the Hire Charge. The deposit will be returned post-event provided all the conditions of Hire are met, the Hall has been secured after use with keys returned to the key safe, and the condition of the Hall after use has been checked and approved as acceptable by an Officer of the Village Hall Committee.  The size of that deposit will normally be:

  • £50 for a Fritwell Organisation (recognised as such by the Village Hall Committee)
  • £100 for a Fritwell Resident
  • £200 for a non-Fritwell Resident or Organisation

NB/ Please read the Terms and Conditions of Hire carefully to understand all the relevant conditions relating to the return or forfeiture of your deposit. It is also a condition of Hire that you read, understand and accept our Health and Safety Policy.

If you are paying by cheque or cash you can pay at Wrighton’s Shop, East Street, Fritwell.

If you are not able to book on line, these forms are available at Wrighton’s.

You will be required to present 2 forms of personal identification as a condition of acceptance of your booking.  These must be:

  • An official photo ID – i.e. A Driving License or Passport
  • A Current Utility Bill – Showing a current address for the Hirer

We have a key safe on the front of the Village Hall. The keys to the Hall will be in the key safe. Once your booking has been confirmed and paid for, you will be sent the code for the key safe to access the keys. You must lock the Hall and leave the keys in the key safe after your event, remembering to turn the numbers so the code is not showing. The Key code is changed regularly.

Please complete the booking form below – if you are unable to do so on-line – these forms are available from Wrighton’s Shop.

NB/ Please note that it is a condition of your booking that you comply with all of our current Terms and Conditions of Hire as well as our Health & Safety Procedure.  There is also a checklist for when you leave the hall. These should be read before you make a booking.  They are available from the links below or in Wrighton’s.

After your Hall Hiring – How was it? Feel free to write us a review

We are very open to hearing how your event went. Please write a review. Include what worked well and any suggestions you have for things that could be improved? Simply email your review to – Thanks.

Online Booking Enquiries

Enter your details below.


If the majority of attendees are below the age of 21, a responsible adult must attend the event. See the terms & conditions of hire for full details of this requirement.

Please use this box to indicate any further hall requests for your event or if you you wish to bring highly flammable substances or decorations that may contain combustible materials into the premises.

You must have the express permission of the village hall committee to be covered by our licence. Otherwise you must apply for a temporary event notice. See the terms & conditions of hire for further details>

E.g. Bouncy castle, electronic equipment, electrical catering equipment. NB This list is not exhaustive. Please note that the purpose of this item is to ensure that you have provided the village hall with evidence of adequate insurance cover against any claims for injury or loss.

e.g. As part of your booking you have access to our normal rectangular tables + chairs. If you would like to request our round tables (small seats 4 or large seats 8) please indicate here

Please note, at this time, your booking is subject to the current UK Gov Covid rules. If there is a material change made by UK Gov we may have to discuss your booking with you.