A replacement Village Hall for Fritwell – update

First of all, apologies for the delay in sharing this update. The summer holidays intervened to slow things down! 

Outline plans for a replacement Village Hall were submitted to the Planning Department of the District Council early in the summer, with the aim of getting answers to some key questions. This is known as the pre-planning stage (to understand more about why we have taken this approach please have a look at our previous updates). We have now received this feedback from the Planning Officer, which has been incredibly helpful.  

We now know that there is not much margin for us to move the hall further back on the plot due to the restraints of an existing sewer pipe and the need for us to consider the impact on the living amenities of the surrounding residences. She has suggested that the building should be completed in render and tile to fit in with the surrounding buildings, and that we should include energy efficiency measures where possible; which also makes economic sense given the current cost of energy.  

With this feedback from the Planning Department, the Trustees now need to look at the internal layout of any proposed building, taking on board the suggestions made by the community last year.  This review of an internal layout will hopefully be completed by the end of September. We also want to carefully consider how to maximise parking without impacting too heavily on the green space to the rear of the Hall. A further priority is to decide how best to share this information with you, the community, in a public meeting (or meetings) in the coming months.  

If you have any questions on our progress so far, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@fritwellvillagehall.co.uk     


We are very pleased to say that since our last update we have two new Trustees. Kelley and Sarah both live in Covert Close and we are very pleased to have them with us. Whilst this takes us to a full quota of Trustees we are always open to hearing from people that want to volunteer to help out at the Hall – you can contact us via info@fritwellvillagehall.co.uk or via our Facebook page if you are interested. 

Fritwell Village Hall CIO