Fritwell Village Hall Jubilee Picnic Party Sunday 5th June 2022 – Review

Thanks to everyone who made it throughout the day. Whilst the weather was a little chilly we were thrilled with the attendance. We hope you enjoyed it?

The trustees wanted to provide an opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate the seventy years’ service of a truly remarkable woman and we hope we did just that! We had received a grant of £500 from Cherwell District Council towards the cost of the event which was spent beforehand, mainly on crafts equipment for children. As is usual with this kind of event, the weather did not help us, but it wasn’t as bad as had been forecast and didn’t cast too much of a shadow over the proceedings. Thanks to several volunteers the bunting and flags were up, the marquees were in place and decorated with flags, the tables were decorated with bunting, crowns and bubble sets and quizzes, music was playing and then…… the residents began to arrive with their picnics.

The children’s crafts were very popular throughout the afternoon, and judging by the amount of glitter scattered on the tables and floor there were some beautifully decorated crowns, bunting and windmills, many a biscuit was iced, and several jewels stuck on the crown! Thank you to the volunteers who kept an eye on things and Vicky the amazing face painter.

Outside, the weather was dry enough for a variety of fun races, with equipment borrowed from the school and medals galore being given out. Well done to the volunteer referees who managed to keep order and everyone happy!

The event was rounded off by two sets from Fritwell’s very own band, Frets and Strings who kept everyone entertained in their usual accomplished manner. They did a truly marvellous job in what were rather damp and chilly conditions.

A constant supply of free tea and coffee throughout helped to keep everyone warm, the live showing of the Jubilee Pageant and a bar open all the time added to the atmosphere.

The trustees are so very grateful to so many people for contributing to the success of the event. Thank you to the bar staff, the tea and coffee ladies, the race supervisors, the craft supervisors, the sound engineers, the musicians, the marquee experts, but above all to those members of the community who came along and made all the effort worthwhile.

All in all, it was a real coming together of people from all parts of the village to take part in and enjoy just being with friends and neighbours at an historic time.

You made a difference to Fritwell Community to help celebrate the Queen’s 70 year reign!

Please see below some photos from the event. If you have some you would like to share, please email them to

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