Thank you all for being so patient and understanding about the continued closure of the Hall.  This second lockdown & the following Tier 2 rules on the way, coming as it does when the days are shorter and the weather much colder and gloomy, has made us all realise how important the Hall is to the social life of the community.

But all is not lost……..

Covid 19: Although the Hall remains closed, the Committee continues to work away behind the scenes to enable reopening as soon as possible.  It continues to meet, virtually of course, and along with risk assessments is now working on operating procedures for Village Hall run events.  Cleaning and sprucing up are in the pipeline so that all will be safe and welcoming.

Website: This recently been updated and has a bright new look, so go online and have a look (You are there!).  There you will find all the information you could possibly want about the Hall and its management, but if there is anything missing, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Tell your friends about it too. You can sign-up to subscribe to our occasional What’sOn emails – when of course we are open. See bottom of the home page to subscribe: 

Future of the Hall: As the present nears the end of its life, the Committee continues to consider provision for the future, and our joint Chairs have initiated meetings with Quantity Surveyors as part of the process.  This is very definitely a work in progress!

Management of the Hall: The Committee is proposing to set up a new charity as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation through which the Village Hall will be run.  This is a much more modern way of operating and conducting business in the future and one that many other Village Halls have taken.  It will, of course, all carried out legally and with due regard to our original trust document and residents will be kept informed as work progresses.  Our primary objective is to continue to provide an accessible, welcoming, and versatile place that is available for the enjoyment of a range of activities by and for the village residents.

Any questions please email