Fritwell Village Consultation on a possible new Village Hall – End of June 19 – update

30-Jun-19 UPDATE: Voting results and next steps information – letter to all Fritwell residents from Ian Critchley Chair of Fritwell Village Hall

Fritwell Village Hall
North Oxfordshire
Fritwell Village Hall, Fewcott Road, Fritwell, OX27 7QA
June 2019

To All Fritwell Residents
Result of Vote on Cornerstone Land Proposal on Village Hall Development

Firstly, thank you to everyone in Fritwell who voted in the recent consultation on the proposal from Cornerstone Land to build a new Village Hall in exchange for the current Village Hall site.

The result of the vote is as follows:

Those in favour of initial talks with Cornerstone: 38
Those against talks with Cornerstone: 22

Therefore the vote was in favour of initial talks taking place.

The purpose of those talks will be to establish more details on the Cornerstone Proposal, covering areas such as the size and nature of any proposed development, the likely impact on the Village and the likely provisions for a new Village Hall.
As I stressed in my last communication, the Village Hall Committee recognise that any building project would have a significant impact on Fritwell, so we are committed to giving village residents a say in the project at every stage.
To that end, once the initial talks with Cornerstone Land are completed, I will write again to every resident setting out the more detailed proposal and again asking people to vote on whether the project should progress further. In addition we will hold an Open Meeting at the Village Hall, giving all attendees an opportunity to review any information we have obtained, ask questions, raise issues and give their views – so that everyone has the opportunity to make an informed decision on how to vote at the next stage.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments, or any particular points you would want the Committee to raise with Cornerstone Land at this stage, please Email them to

With very best wishes,

Ian Critchley
Chairperson – Fritwell Village Hall

Past info on the consultation…

If you are a resident of Fritwell you will have received through your door a request to consider an approach to Fritwell Village Hall Committee in regard of a possible new Village Hall.

Your voting paper (Yes or No to hold talks with Cornerstone) needs to be placed in the box situated at Wrighton’s Shop by the end of business on Friday 17th May 2019

Just to be clear on this consultation:

  • Fritwell Village Hall Committee have not started any discussions on this with Cornerstone – we will be instructed by the outcome of this vote
  • There are no plans in place at all re a new Village Hall at this stage
  • If consent was given to speak with Cornerstone (or any other developer) then we would write to all residents again and hold an open meeting on the subject

If you need a further copy of the letter/voting paper you can down load it from here to print.

Thanks for your participation in this consultation.

Fritwell Village Hall Commitee