Review of Sat 22-Sep-18 spectacular Fritwell Picnic Party – A Night at the Movies

Well what a night – nearly 90 people participated in the 2nd Fritwell Picnic Party on the evening of Saturday 22nd September 2018.

A massive thanks to guests who really made the effort with their costumes, table decorations, their picnics & being in up-beat party mood.

Congratulations to the Picnic Party organisers on a supremely successful and enjoyable “Night at the Movies”, despite the weather trying to disrupt the event with strong winds and rain. Also to the teams that supported setting up and taking down the marquees + the internal decoration (amazing); running the bar and of course DJ Carl B – who really ran a set of floor fillers all night!

See the photos below and for Rob J’s full set of pictures on the red carpet go to:

If you have photos you would like to share of the event, please let us know by email to and we determine the best way to transfer them.

Next year’s Picnic Party theme is already being discussed…