Record attendance at vibrant Fritwell Live Night


Frets and Strings delivered another epic, “Fritwell Live”, on Saturday, 25th February. A record audience saw a record number of performers as we reached capacity.

There were performances from many familiar artists, but with some twists. Will Vetcher, who has previously appeared solo, and once with violinist Sue Oxley, brought along the rest of the band in the form of Shelley Radford on Cahon, vocals and percussion and performed a stonking set as Triskel 3.

Dyfi Junction from Wales added Si’s brother Drew to their number on bass and vocals, along with Shaun (the hardest working musician on the night) on Cahon. Si also appeared with Carl and Jen, and Janine played the flute with Frets and Strings. It is all getting somewhat confusing!

A song by newly-formed newcomers The Incorrigibles, consisting of; Ian, Colin, Duncan, Mick and Jon Boyce, treated us to “Dirty Old Town” as they continue to mine the Celtic folk genre

Ian treated us to a reworked tune about Mick Stiff (as Fritwell’s ex Postie) and added a new song, Pies, pies, pies, accompanied by several Butter Pie members.

Superb solo performances by the ever-intriguing Christopher (from Bicesterfor) Lydon, superb Jay McKechnie and the unstoppable Patrick Foley were bookended by Frets and Strings with David Bradley.

The Bard of Bristol (Colin) added some humour with his two sets of one liners and Spike Milligan’s poem on Smiling.

All led to a hectic night for Mike Stewart on the controls, who did a fantastic job with the sound.

A bustling bar was run expertly by Christine, Mark with Sarah helping. Great work, and thank you for your efforts.

All thanks go in particular to Carl Hynes leader of Frets and Strings for organising Live Nights together with band members, Ian Critchley, Paul Walder and Shaun Calver ably assisting Carl

The considerable volume of attendees has caused us to stop and think about how we accommodate large numbers safely and comfortably, as seating was eaten up very quickly, with many left standing.

We really appreciate the support of the people of Fritwell and beyond. Given the announcement on the night of our planning permission being granted, events like these now become even more important to help to raise vital funds for the replacement village hall.

The next Fritwell Live will take place on 15th April. See you all there!