Thank you to those Fritwell Residents that took the time to vote re the Cornerstone proposal – Update 23-Jan-20

This is regard of the future of Fritwell Village Hall.

The Vote closed on 21st January 2020. The results are as follows:

35 Voted to agree with the Village Hall Committee’s recommendation not to hold further talks on developing the Village Hall site for housing and building a new Village Hall elsewhere with Cornerstone Land Ltd, or any other developer at this time & continue to explore funding for a new hall on the current site.

1 voted for the Village Hall Committee to continue to hold talks with Cornerstone Land Ltd, or another developer and to institute a project to develop the current Village Hall site for housing as soon as practically possible; and build a new Village Hall on alternative land using the funds made available from the sale of Village Hall land.

1 vote were happy for either of the above outcomes – no preference

2 votes wanted the hall to remain on the current site with no selection of the above 2 voting options

For the background on this you can find it here