• Covid Pandemic from 2020 – 2022 meant the Hall was closed for a significant length of time so meetings were held online.
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22ND January


Appointment of two new members to act as Co-Chairs To have a strategic role in facilitating plans for the future. They would submit a report on short-, medium- and long-term plans to the Committee

4th August 2020


Draft Options and Feasibility Report submitted and discussed Report included 4 options which discussion increased to 6: refurbish Hall, refurbish and extend the Hall, new build on existing site, new build on new site, do nothing, pool resources with other organisations to provide a community hall



Chairs contacting independent quantity surveyors To meet with and get advice on the best way forward and report to the Committee before consulting the Community
11th November 2020 To pursue becoming a CIO To enable future contracts to be entered into as a corporate body and to provide better legal protection for trustees.  Ongoing until Feb 2022 when became a CIO
December 2020-March 2021 Continued to try to get contact with surveyors Surveyors not returning calls and emails, difficulties in arranging meeting dates etc
March 2021 Resignations of Co-Chairs Had worked tirelessly to do much of the groundwork necessary for the next step, had set up meetings with 3 surveyors
April- May 2021 Subcommittee formed New trustees and Chair, anxious to move forward quickly. Committee’s brief agreed, (see Appendix A) Project Plan produced, visits to other Halls arranged etc, contacting surveyors
9th June 2021 Fundraising Subcommittee formed Too early in the process to apply for large grants.  Focus to be on raising smaller amounts by trialling new regular fundraising events
22nd & 26th June 2021 Consultation with the Community

To canvas the views of residents on the existing Hall and facilities and what they would like to see in a new Village Hall.

35 attendees, so further consultation via Facebook, website and hard copies

14th July 2021 Trustees visit Kirtlington Village Hall To get ideas of what is available in other Halls
July- August 2021

Design Brief Developed and sent to three suppliers


Results of consultations analysed and design brief included points made by the public. (See Appendix B). Sent to Modular Building Company, Timber Frame specialist and Repair company for non-traditional buildings to explore different types of buildings & variety of options Initial budget of £200,000 suggested in brief.
21st August 2021 Trustees visit Beckley Village Hall To get ideas of what is available in other Halls and to hear about challenges etc in fulfilling their projects.
August to November 2021 Chasing up suppliers for designs and quotes Delays by suppliers in delivering designs and costings due to Covid, lack of staff, amendments need to fulfil the brief more closely.
7th September 2021

Subcommittee presented responses from those suppliers contacted with design brief to Full Committee.


Decision made to put repairs to existing hall on hold and pursue new build options








Discussions with Repair Company: repair to existing building dependant on full structural survey; might be repairable; building is a Compton sectional building. Repairing existing hall would not meet needs identified in consultation: size, bringing outside and inside together via large windows, size of extension

13th December 2021 Plans from 3 suppliers received and discussed Perusal of plans by the Committee, discussion led to no clear preferred option, plans sent to members for fuller consideration
11th January 2022

Agreement on Supplier, amendment of plans


Walker Graham Architects the preferred option, with some amendments to internal layout, agreed materials. Will need a pre-planning application.  Unable to apply for grants until further details are finalised. For further details see Appendix C at the end of the timeline
15th February 2022 Grant Application to Parish Council for architect’s fees Turned down because it had already been paid
20th February 2022 Update on Progress published for residents News item put on website and Facebook page
15th March 2022 Revised Plans and architect’s comments received and discussed Insufficient time to discuss properly, a need for clarification of comments
23rd March 2022 Trustee attends Blewbury Village Hall Seminar organised by ACRE To gain insights/advice from their experiences of hall development in relation to our own.
16th May 2022 Chairperson gives update to attendees at the APM At the invitation of the Parish Council
25th May 2022 Meeting with Architect To determine why amendments were unsuitable and to come away with plans that can be taken to the pre planning stage.
9th June 2022 Extra Trustees Meeting decided on outline Plans B plus Phase 2 with internal layout of Plan C. Extra plans for new Hall to be 4m and 6m back on the site To inspect revised plans and authorise pre-planning application in the name of Parish Council
21st June 2022 List of potential grant funders compiled Circulated to trustees with allocation of those to be researched for eligibility etc
July 2022 Pre-Planning application submitted To get advice from the Planning department on various issues
10th August 2022 Meeting with Planning officer Shona King

Attended by architect, adviser, Trustee and Chair of Parish Council to discuss plans submitted


15th August 2022 Report from Planning Officer received Plans “likely to be acceptable depending on the exact location”.  Advice on roof, materials, car park, sustainability
September 2022 Chair meets with Chair of PC Concerns included shortage of parking and sustainability and if it would be fit for future use.
6th September 2022 Decisions on next steps

Phase 1&2 be built together

Architect to be asked to look at parking again

Solar panels dependant on grant funding

Ask advisor to draw up revised internal plans

Final planning application in name of FVH.

28th September 2022 Scrutiny and discussion of revised internal plans Revisions to plan for kitchen and pitched roof
4th October 2022

Meeting to be arranged with architect, adviser and trustee.

Consideration of event to inform the community

To go over revised plans with a view to finalising before showing the community.



20th October 2022 Meeting with Architect,  trustee and adviser Reminded to keep the project simple, affordable and achievable.  Include solar panels, charging points, revised parking plans in planning application.

1st November


Decisions made on meeting to inform the community: publicity, date &time, format etc To make sure that as many residents as possible are informed of, and are aware of, the process so far and the decisions on the full planning application







The purpose of this subcommittee is to:

  • identify the needs of the village by developing a plan to engage with the residents of Fritwell and its surrounds to ascertain their views on the future of the village hall, what they would like to see it to provide.
  • gather ideas that would enable the subcommittee to develop a set of options for a sustainable future for Fritwell Village Hall.
  • undertake an appraisal of those options and present the findings to the Fritwell Village Hall Committee by the 1st committee meeting of 2022 to enable the Fritwell Village Hall Committee to make a decision.
  • consulting with local residents in early 2022 on the most feasible option/s upon which subsequently the village hall committee will decide.



What do we want our New Village Hall to look like?

Residents have told us that they want a new and modern village hall that meest our needs now and into the future. A new building that is simple, flexible, as ecologically effective as we can make it, safe and secure and one that we can afford.

Local residents are keen that we make the most of the plot the village hall sits on including access from the interior of the village hall to the outdoor space that would have paved areas, a BBQ, pit, a community garden and reflective spaces. They would like to see increased parking and electric charging points whilst ensuring that overall the environment was safe and functional for families and children.

Phase 1

Given the challenge of raising funds for the hall the initial brief for developers helping us to design and/or build the village hall is to provide plans and costs for demolishing and clearing the site and erecting the new hall.

Plans for Phase 1 will need to take into account subsequent developments of the outside spaces for parking and social use as further funding is secured.

In sharing this brief with developers we are happy to take on board any comments and recommendations they are able to make. We are currently taking advice from local authority planners as to whether we are constrained by the footprint of the current hall and the fact that Fritwell is in a conservation area on where the new hall is able to be sited.

As such we are non the less happy to accept ideas and suggestions of where to site the new hall on the current plot to make best use of the potential of a new hall and the outside space.

Comments or suggestions on how the new hall should be constructed that would allow it to be used on completion alongside being left ready for development of Phase 2 (car parking) and Phase 3 (development of patio and garden) would be welcome.

Based on a survey of what local people told us they would like to see in a new village hall our brief for you is to help us design and cost a new village hall that would provide:

  • a space that is light and airy, has good acoustics and allows a flow through and access to the outside, enabling us to make the most of both the indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Soundproofing, in consideration of its proximity to local residential properties
  • a large main hall that a can be partitioned to provide flexible spaces for different events and, if affordable, a separate small room for smaller meetings
  • wi-fi, sound and audio facilities, speakers and wide screen TV
  • new male and female toilet facilities, that include baby changing and disabled facilities
  • a cloakroom or area to hang coats etc
  • a good sized functional kitchen space, with storage and modern white goods
  • A bigger separate bar/bar area
  • storage for tables, chairs and equipment as well as secure storage for village hall/parish council documents etc
  • a well-insulated, eco friendly, low carbon building that is cost-effective to heat and light and if possible, made of natural materials (including consideration of solar panels or heat pump)

Our potential budget for Phase 1 : Approximately £200,000 – happy to be advised on realistic costs and for costs for phases 2,3

Timescale to completion:  within 1 year from the date full funding for the new build has been secured (timescale to raise funds possibly 1-2 years)



  •    Trustees to go forward with Walker Graham’s plans with suggested amendments to the existing internal layout, including moving the kitchen to the garden side and removing plans for a separate bar
  •    The development would now be in three, rather than two, phases.  Phase 1 would be the amended plans, Phase 2 would be the proposed extension which could include a separate bar and a divisible extra Hall area, Phase 3 would be out door development.
  •    Materials would be timber framed with block and render.  This will be quicker to build and meet the needs of weatherproofing, heat retention, ease of maintenance and aesthetics in relation to neighbouring dwellings.
  •    Contact the architects to discuss amendments to the plans, preplanning application, prebuild survey, demolition of the existing building and an update of his fees.
  •    Speak with Parish Councillor Jon Boyce about the extent to which the Council will support the project financially and raise it at the meeting on Monday 17th January. Further pursuit of stated other means of raising substantial funds (as much as £1 million was mentioned).
  • ¨  The next stages will be undertaken by the Trustees as a full body rather than by the previous subcommittee and the load will be shared; liaising with architect, with the Parish Council, on the demolition of the existing building